For a long time, we wanted to renovate our home but we had trouble finding the best person for the job, until a friend recommended Top Design and Remodeling. It was easy talking to these professionals and we got to learn about the different types of services they are offering. One thing that I liked about them is the fact that they listened to our needs and requirements, while offering us advice on what is or is not suitable depending on our home. Apart from the personalized service, we also got to enjoy a great outlook when the renovation was completed.

Every time I hear Top Design and Remodeling, reliability crosses my mind. When they worked on my house, they completed the work according to the time they had estimated, without compromising on the quality of work. Due to my tight schedule, I wanted a team that was easy o work with, and that is what I got with this company. The team arrived on time each morning, and they cleaned up the spaces after completing they work at the end of the day. Apart from that, they were very respectful and professional when handling all the work. I’m impressed by the work they did, and would not hesitate recommending to all and sundry.

I would like to thank Top Design and Remodeling for the wonderful work they carried on the exterior of my home. I needed to replace the siding, and when I contacted them, they provided me with the advice I needed in selecting the best material to achieve the best look. Apart from that, their prices are very affordable, and the quality of work done was superb. They did not leave any thing to chance, and for this reason, my home is now the envy of the neighborhood and my pride. I’m grateful for the transformation that my house has become.