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Top Design and Remodeling is a remodeling company that serves a large region and with clients throughout the country. We have being in the industry for several years and in this time, we have come to be known as a residential, commercial and industrial construction company capable of delivering high quality services. We are reputed for remodeling apartments, retail facilities and offices.

Top Design and Remodeling is the preferred name behind some of the most advanced, prestigious facilities that currently adorn our city. We are fully aware of all that is needed for the construction process to be completed effectively.

This includes project management, public approval, cost estimation of your projects, feasibility analysis as well as financing. We have an extensive expertise that spans all aspects of the renovation spectrum and this is from handling small renovation projects to some of the million dollar renovation projects. We meet this end by evaluating the cost of different designs and working to deliver the best design that auger well with your budget.

At Top Design and Remodeling, we also work towards ensuring that the renovation designs provided sit in well with your schedule and timeline provided. Considering the fact that the renovation environment is pretty competitive, we pride ourselves in providing accurate estimates. We base these on the specifications and plans you provide.

Our experienced team has completed several projects in the industrial, commercial and residential sector. At Top Design and Remodeling, we believe that customer satisfaction comes first and it is for this reason that we use the latest technology and renovation ideas to deliver high quality services. From the time we agree to work with you, a high level of discipline and preciseness is observed.

Due to our commitment, we also place the right measures into place to ensure that your safety as well as that of your environment is guaranteed. It is due to this fact that at Top Design and Remodeling, we can boast of having some repeat customers.

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Contact us by either filling out this form or giving us a call at 847-668-9779. We would like to get some detail about the project you have in mind. 

One of our staff will gladly assist you with setting up a date and time for our quote specialists to come in and analyze the project. In no time, we will set you up with a quote along with a 3-D printout of what the finished product will look like. 

Our project managers are top notch and can tell you everything you need to know going into the project along with the approximate length of time the project will take. 

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