Welcome to the Top Design and Remodeling website. We are an interior and exterior remodeling company that has been in the renovation industry for several years a fact that makes us knowledgeable and extremely experienced to deliver high quality services. We serve Chicagoland since 1990.

At Top Design and Remodeling, all your renovation needs ranging from construction, designing, selection of materials and appliances for your project will be catered to with ease. This is because we have the ability to bring imagination into the project and also incorporate your ideas to complete the project with perfection.

Due to our in-depth experience, we can work on different types of projects ranging from industrial buildings, commercial and residential homes.

We have a simple mission which is to deliver results and we accomplish this by combining industrial experience with the strong commitment to deliver high quality services. Through our website, we hope you will get to learn that we are different from any other renovation company and as such, entrust us with your project.

At Top Design and Remodeling, we go all the way to ensure we give you your dream home. Thanks to our experienced professionals, all designing factors are taken into consideration and this relieves the pressure of thinking about the same from your mind. We can guarantee that you will be satisfied because we will not rest until we are certain that your desires are completely fulfilled.

At Top Design and Remodeling, we will offer you the best type of client focus that will propel you to entrust us with your project whether large or small. We use collaborative techniques to evaluate your needs before giving you the best solution.

Home remodeling requires dedication and great leadership and this is what we offer you at Top Design and Remodeling. We have the best subcontractors and equipment vendors and as such, you can rest assured that the materials and quality of service offered is simply the best. Take time to explore what we can deliver and you will not be disappointed.

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